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Finding Legitimate Survey And Rewards Sites

Earning rewards and a bit of extra cash on your own schedule is a convenient way to supplement your income. The beauty of free survey and rewards sites and apps is their accessibility and the variety of options they provide. These platforms cater to a range of interests and activities, each with its own way of compensating you for your efforts:

  • Survey Panels: These are perhaps the most straight-forward way of making some extra money. Survey sites connect you with businesses and researchers who need consumer feedback. You’ll find surveys on a multitude of topics, and these can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to about half an hour to complete.
  • Ad-Paying Sites: Some sites will pay you just to watch advertisements. This could be a passive activity, where you can earn rewards while doing something else like watching TV or browsing the web.
  • Clicks and Tasks: Certain sites offer small payments for simple tasks such as clicking on links, trying new apps, or completing micro-tasks. These are fairly easy and can be done numerous times a day.
  • Free Trials and Offers: If you don’t mind giving out your email and perhaps dealing with a bit of marketing spam, signing up for free trials can be lucrative. Just remember to keep track of these trials to cancel them before you get charged.
  • Gaming for Cash: There are platforms that will pay you for playing games. Whether these are simple mobile games or more complex ones, it’s a fun way to earn a bit of money or rewards.
  • Product Testing: Sites may send you products to test and keep in exchange for a review. This is a great way to try new products and brands you may not normally purchase.
  • Mystery Shopping: Some apps and websites allow you to become a mystery shopper, where you’re compensated for shopping or dining and providing feedback on the experience.

Each of these options has its own unique benefits, and some offer rewards like cryptocurrency or vouchers, in addition to cash. The key is to find the right balance that fits with your lifestyle and interests. Some people might prefer the quick and passive methods, while others may enjoy engaging in a variety of tasks and challenges. Regardless of the method you choose, each little task can add up to a substantial amount over time.

Remember to always do your due diligence before signing up for any site or app. Check out reviews and ensure their legitimacy, keeping in mind that while being a survey panelist is great for making some extra money, they are not a substitute for a full-time job. But if you’ve got some free time and want to leverage it, these options can certainly be worthwhile.

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Survey Panel Providers and Rewards Sites

Most of these rewards sites and survey panel providers are available worldwide but there may be some that are limited to certain countries which will be indicated.

Survey Panel ProvidersDescriptionWebsite
1Q1Q is probably one of the simplest survey panel sites you can use. You are asked a question called ‘Askverts’ and are paid a set $0.25 reward for each one you answer. These only take a few seconds to complete. This cash is paid directly to your PayPal account or you can choose to donate to charity. The more information you share the more Askverts you will receive to increase your earnings potential.1Q
Cash KarmaCash Karma are a survey panel app thatallows you to earn rewards in the form of PayPal cash or vouchers by participating in surveys doing simple tasks. A great thing with this app is that it pays more depending on the length of the survey. And even if you are screened out you will still get rewarded.

The app is available worldwide but there is also a location rewards feature available only to US users. When the app detects you are near a selected retailer such as Walmart for instance, it will send you a notification for an ad related to that store. You aren’t required to do anything, just open the notification to view the ad and you are paid each time.

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Cash Karma
CoinspillerCoinspiller is very similar to Cointiply but you can earn your choice of three different types of cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin. Ways to earn are by watching videos, completing challenges and offerwalls and playing games including roulette. There are always special offers and different ways to boost your points.Coinspiller
CointiplyCointiply is a free Bitcoin faucet and rewards platform. You earn coins by completing tasks such as watching videos and completing surveys. There is also a Bitcoin faucet where you get a free random roll once every hour. Bonus points are awarded to you when you roll on a prime number.

There are so many other ways to boost your coins on Cointiply including a multiplier game. Plus, log into the site each day to receive loyalty points. You get 100 free points for registering
EarnablyEarn points and get paid to watch videos online. You can also earn points from carrying out other tasks such as installing apps and games and answering surveys. You can redeem points for PayPal cash or a wide selection of gift cards including Amazon and Google Play. There is also a really low payment threshold, points can be redeemed from just $1, so no need long wait time to cash out. Earnably is available in most countries.Earnably.
EarnCryptoEarn cryptocurrency by watching videos, taking surveys, signing up to free trials and offers and installing and playing apps and games. Payout is only in cryptocurrencies and there are such a wide range. Select from dozens of different ones including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ZCash, Ripple and Monera among many others and is available to users worldwide.EarnCrypto
EurekaEureka is an easy to use survey panel that pays out in cash. The value varies by length of survey. You are guaranteed to earn $1 from your first short survey to get you started. The minimum withdrawal amount is just $10. Eureka is currently only available in the US.Eureka
Faucet CryptoFaucet Crypto is a great site that has a similar style to an RPG game. It allows you to level up by using and selling items on an online marketplace. Users are allowed a faucet claim once every 30 minutes. You have many other ways to earn points including clicking on ads, completing surveys and watching videos. 20 Different cryptocurrencies are supported on Faucet Crypto so you can select payment from your preferred ones including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Dash.Faucet Crypto
Fire FaucetFire Faucet is an automatic faucet which you can leave to run automatically in the background to earn cryptocurrency. So you will earn without having to really do anything. In addition to this there are more ways to earn. These include clicking ads, taking part in offerwalls and completing daily tasks. They also have a happy hour every weekend where you will get a 50% bonus on your auto claims.Fire Faucet
Free BitcoinFree Bitcoin offers lots of different ways to earn yourself some free Bitcoin including an hourly spin on the faucet. Returns can be boosted by using your points to bet on events and buy lottery tickets if you wish. There are free contests you can take part in with the current golden ticket contest giving away a Lamborghini!Free Bitcoin
Free TronAs the name of this site would suggest you can earn free Tron currency. You can earn from the faucet with 1 roll every hour, although there are promo codes available every day on their Twitter account giving bonuses and extra free spins. Receive more free rolls by clicking on ads and earn more points from completing surveys. Minimum withdrawal amount is 30 Tron.Free Tron
Get Paid ToPlay games and take short surveys to earn cash on this survey panel. Also check out the offer wall for a selection of different tasks you can carry out to earn even more points. Points are awarded to you for each task you complete. Your points can be cashed out once your balance reaches a minimum of 5000 points ($1 equivalent). Points can be redeemed for cash, Amazon vouchers or even cryptocurrencies.Get Paid To
Google Opinion RewardsEarn Google Play credits from taking short and simple surveys. Monetary value will vary depending on the amount of questions but can be up to $1.You will get asked questions relating to your experiences of using Google’s products and services. These include YouTube, Google search and Google Play. Google uses this information to improve their services.Google Opinion Rewards
Product TubeProduct Tube is a market research app that allows you to earn money for creating short videos about the products you buy and consume. There are 2 types of videos you can create – at home and in-store. These will be indicated on the project notifications you receive. This information is used by the product manufacturers to improve their products.

Payment is made by Amazon gift card. It is estimated that you could earn between $50 – $80 per month for just 1 hours worth of work with the Product Tube app.
Product Tube
TelephiaTelephia allows you to earn cash simply for installing the app and leaving it running in the background. It will collect anonymous usage data from your phone and apps. You can also earn extra cash from being invited to complete short surveys. Payments are via either PayPal or Amazon gift card. Telephia is only available in the US.Telephia
TimebucksThis rewards site is available worldwide and pays out in cash or cryptocurrency. Timebucks has so many simple ways you can earn money. These include watching videos, taking surveys, free sign ups, completing Captchas and engaging on social media. It is easy to accumulate earnings from watching videos, simply play them and leave to run in the background, you don’t need to engage with them. Visit daily and your earnings will soon start to add up. You even get a $1 bonus just for signing up for a free account!Timebucks
ZareklamyZareklamy offers many different ways to earn. These include surveys, watching videos and ads, writing comments and reviews, engaging on social media and signing up to newsletters etc.Zareklamy
List of the best paid survey sites and survey panel providers

Easily Make Extra Money From Rewards Sites

Survey panels and rewards sites aren’t something that will make you rich – they only have relatively small payouts. Often a lot of these types of rewards sites offers money for free just for signing up. For example, sites like Timebucks give you $1 on sign up.

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You can join multiple survey panels and rewards sites and take advantage of these new user offers to quickly build up some nice earnings. They are a neat little way to make extra money from the comfort of your own home. Give them a try. There are of course many alternative ways to make a significant and regular income online but these do require time and effort to be dedicated to them.

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