Trading And Investing Platforms

One of the best ways to make money and grow your wealth is by investing. When it comes to investing there are lots of different asset types that can be invested in. From stocks and shares to gold bullion to FX trading and cryptocurrencies.

There are also lots of different trading and investing platforms that can be used. Some are more specialist platforms trading in one asset class such as cryptocurrency. Whereas other platforms are more general one stop shops for trading everything. Everybody has different requirements, knowledge, experience and risk attitudes. Whether you are an active trader or a long term investor, these trading and investing platforms below have you covered.

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True Trading

Hone your trading skills, get access to top quality trading tools and learn from a former Hedge Fund trader. True Trading is an online community to help make you a better trader and increase your profitability.

You can now get 1 week FREE access to True Trading. Click the button to learn more.

eToro – Leading Social Trading Platform

eToro is the world’s leading social trading platform, offering lots of commission free trades. It is a one stop shop – trade a variety of assets including shares, ETFs, FX, cryptocurrency, CFDs and more. There is a free to use copy trading feature for less experienced investors and a great online community.

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Acorns – Easy Automated Investment

Acorns is an easy to use micro-investing app that allows people to easily save and invest for their future.

This is a great platform that lets you fully take control of your finances with all in one checking, investment, retirement and more. With great rewards and educational features it is a great all in one platform. You can even open special accounts for your child or family to help their future.

Automatically invest spare change with the Round-Up feature. It’s the easier, smarter way to invest. Currently only available in the US.

Trading And Investing Platforms

Titan – Premier Investment For Everyone

Titan is an award winning premier investment manager that is open to everybody, not just the wealthy. With minimum deposits of only $100, it is a very accessible platform.

With world class capital management that aims to grow your capital over the long term. Simply register and deposit money, then select one of the investment strategies that is the best fit for you. Titan will then manage it on your behalf. Titan is currently only available in the US but may be expanding internationally in future.

Trading And Investing Platforms

Lenme – Peer-To-Peer Investments

Lenme is a peer-to-peer lending app that connects investors to borrowers. It is great for both experienced and new investors, being easy to use with no minimum investment.

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For experienced investors and those that prefer to make their own investment decisions, you get access to credit reports, banking data, income and more.

Less experienced investors can use Lenme’s machine learning algorithms that predict the borrowers risk profile.

Trading And Investing Platforms

BullionVault – Gold Bullion Trading

BullionVault is an online trading platform that offers some of the best value for trading bullion. Gold, silver and platinum can all be bought and sold through BullionVault. They also offer secure storage of your bullion.

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Supercharge your IRA or 401(k) by investing in cryptocurrency with a fully insured digital currency IRA from BitIRA.



MyConstant is a peer-to-peer lending site that lets you invest with US Dollar or cryptocurrency. There are no investing fees.

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